Today is the first day...

Instead of working I am browsing the internet again. There's a whole world out there that needs my attention. So many weblogs to follow, networks to update, friends to chat with. It's all input.
Sometimes I feel like shutting down my computers, my television. Cancel subscriptions. Do I need all this news to stay in touch with the world? Is news really news, or it it just the same everytime? Don't the things repeat themselves over and over again?
Should I attribute to this overload by adding another blog? That maybe nobody will read, because you are, like me, struggling with the overload of information.
Time will tell, and I will try. Because I have always felt the need to write, and lately a need to share.
It is my intention to post something every Friday. So I hope you will give me a kick in the butt if I am late or forget or am just procrastinating. I would appreciate that.
By the way, De goede Inez means The good Inez in Dutch. That's my name, and that's who I am trying to be.

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