GRA - 5th class painting

What happens to the painting of your lady in 10 years from now? And bring clothes for your lady to class next week, are the assignments for this week's class at the Academy.

As I wrote in my previous post, I practiced a lot in the past week. I am very satisfied with the faces I have painted. Also, it was fun, not unimportant.
I made two sketches in Conté of the portrait in the future and one collage of the painting in the paper. And just for fun, I cut up old t-shirts form Ila and sowed the portrait like a little quilt (there is is again!).

The teacher is somewhat positive this time. She likes the improvement I have made on the faces in the previous paintings. The rest of my work she qualifies as 'staying to much in your comfort zone.' I guess nobody here is interested in that.

That afternoon we work with the clothes we brought for our lady. The theme is the space in between. What does one need to paint in order to show the object, and does one deal with the space in between the objects. Is that what you paint, or is it the object itself?
We work in teams and make sketches in charcoal. For the first time I feel like I am getting some real praise from this teacher. I can draw, she says. I feel pathetic for mentioning my struggle with her here all the time, but it has become such an issue for me, I obviously need to get it out of my system and work my way through it.

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