GRA - guest class painting

This will be the best class in painting I get at the Academy. Today Stephanie Kr├Ątz is teaching us how to express a cursing word in a huge painting. I choose the word 'klootzak' which means 'ball sack' in Dutch.
It's a strange assignment for me. It's not supposed to be pretty, actually it should be ugly, because it has to express something ugly. I don't like it at first. What a waste of my paint! But I am going at it anyway in a sort of careless way. Whatever. I use my biggest brush and make wild strokes. So not like me. Stephanie walks by once in while and gives me a lot of attention and encouragement. And guess what happens then? The painting is coming alive and I am getting lots of positive feedback, not only from the teacher, but also from the other students. We're having a lot of fun together.
At the end of the day Stephanie says I have learned a lot, and that it's moving in the right direction. She says I have painted the subject with much sensitivity. Considering the subject, I guess that's cause for much hilarity.My colleagues at Sugar Factory love it, and that's where it's currently on display.

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