GRA - 5th class sculpture

Extra assignment: Go to the open days of the Rijksacademie and choose two works of art: one that appeals to you and one that does not. Explain.

I enjoy taking my 9 year old daughter along. She notices things I (and other adults) do not. It helps me appreciate what I see better than if I would have walked here by myself. Most of the art is so hideous I don't even want to stand still to examine why I am so repulsed by it. Is it because I think I could do better? Or because I just don't understand. It fatigues me to try to figure out and understand what the artist is trying to express. Most of the time I don't want to bother. Is this what I would want to do myself?
The best work I see today, is because of my daughter. We enter a small room with a window where you can sit down and watch another room full of dead leaves. There's a radio that produces noise, just noise. I am about to walk out when my daughter says, 'o look, it moves.' And then I see... It's very subtle, like breathing. The dead leaves are not dead, they breathe, they're alive. The whole floor moves up and down. Breathtaking!

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