GRA - 6th class sculpture

Finally we get to work with clay! The assignment is to contract two words and make a new word, but I get excited by the word 'koffiekop' which means coffee cup or coffee head. There is my excuse to make a clay face. Here at the Academy they say to make the assignment your own, don't need to follow it to the letter, so here I go, just using the assignment as a starting point...

Part two of the assignment is to translate this object 4 times bigger with a non-mouldable material.

But I am lazy. I don't know where to start and there are too many other things keeping me away from my art work (like Sinterklaas, birthdays and other festivities - it's December after all!). But in class, I realize I do have an idea that I would have liked to work on. A while ago I saw someone on the street with a bouquet of flowers that was wrapped in a very fancy way. The paper around the flowers was fortified with wires on the inside, that made it stand out wide like half a globe. That gave me the idea to make it rest on someone's shoulders, like a reversed head scarf, or with an ear attached , like a coffee cup. I am sure I will use this idea sometime...

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