Homework 1

I have always liked to work with pastels. I discovered this material in my one and only year in Waldorf school when I was about 16 years. I remember copying The Girl with the Pearl Earring by Vermeer, and being amazed at the result, especially the brightness of the colors.
Since painting classes at Rietveld were not such a success (understatement) I thought to give pastel a try. Hooray! I am actually quite pleased with my accomplishment. I am concentrated and in control, while at the same time letting it happen on the paper. I feel euphoric. Very nice.
I also copy a photo of Ila by Harper, while Ila's friend Sheila is over for a play date. But she doesn't play, she stands behind me and marvels at the colors that blend into the picture of her friend. Very cute.

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