MK24 - 11th & 12th class

The theme is: city, metropolis, repetition in the city, repetition in nature, and we work with mixed techniques.
We prepare the paper with gesso (light blue in my case). I found an intriguing picture in The International Herald Tribune; European-style houses in China that I want to recreate using stencils.
I like this technique. It allows me to work fast, mix colors easily. I use one stencil to make three different houses, so the perspective is not realistic, but I like the effect. I have noticed that working fast and carelessly improves my work. However towards the end of the evening I tend to overwork the paint again. It's so hard to stop. I can feel the work is not finished, but am not sure what it needs. There's a fear to leave it the way it is, because when will I have time to work on it again? I should allow myself more time. To make more versions of it, to try out different things. I have to learn how to fail, how to kill my darlings, how to move on without regret... Ah, life!

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