GRA - 2nd class drawing

It's back to sculpture teacher today, and she's giving a strange assignment: we have to all sit behind each other and feel our necks with our left hand. The idea is to draw the back of the person in front of us and to draw the feeling. What? Huh? How do you do that? Other people are so much better at this than me. I am constantly second guessing myself. And off course trying to please the teacher. When am I going to stop that? Anyway, I just do the best I can... it is what it is. Have a look:

We move on to self portraits. Teacher is not easily satisfied. I don't like my first drawing, but think the second one's okay.After this, the teacher tells me to buy bigger sheets of paper downstairs and make big drawings while standing. That brings me to a new way of drawing, more free, more me.

I like these faces. The assignment for next week is to transform these drawings into sculptures for the Open Day. I reproduce the faces with wire. I didn't take pictures, but they turn out quite nicely. My hands hurt for days from bending the wire.

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