GRA - Open Day

A selection of our work is on display in the basement. I am there part of the day to represent the Orientation Year and I get to talk to potential new students about the ins and outs. Lots of young people with their parent, who sometimes confuse me with the teacher (ahum). It's nice to talk to strangers about what we're doing here. And to hear myself explain what it means to me. This school is not about painting a pretty picture, or mastering a technique, it's about finding authenticity in your work and about questioning what you make and why you make it. My big discovery so far is that the best things happen while I wasn't paying attention. And that things happen when you get out of your head. How to do that? By putting your hands to work. And then it all kind of happens by itself, or not... And that's okay too. Love it, absolutely love it.

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