Artless - Intake

Together with my friend - from Waldorf school and Gerrit Rietveld Academy - I drive to the East side of Amsterdam with a car full of 'art.' Tonight we have been invited to show some of our work to the teachers of Artless.

Artless is a foundation that provides classes for people that are not able to attend a real education in art, either because they were not admitted or because they cannot afford the tuition or dedicate the required time. I kind of fit in both categories. Most teachers are working visual artists and teachers at Gerrit Rietveld Academy.

My friend and I are present at each others evaluations. I am shocked at the harshness and directness of the teachers' judgment of her work. She makes really cute and interesting drawings and allowed herself to experiment drawing with needle and wool. They called her restricted. I relive the horrible moments of last year, where what I made sometimes was judged as rubbish, therapy and not renewing at all. I fear the worst for this showing.

But... the teacher who evaluates my work is actually impressed. Compares some of my photographs with Inez van Lamsweerde! My jaw drops a few inches! He holds up one of the Beatrixes I made last year for the admission exams at Rietveld and finds it very interesting. Whoa!

But where my friends work seems to be restricted, my work is too much of everything. It goes in every direction and could use some focus. Bottom line: we are very welcome to come study at Artless. But we leave the premises a little flabbergasted and not sure if we are ready for another year of harsh judgments.

To be continued.