Ode to Salo

Salo 1994 - 

How do I say goodbye to my faithful little friend of 19 years? The vet says it's time to let him go. But how can I possibly choose the moment? How can I decide for him when it's time to go?

I have let his older brother choose his own moment, and it was very painful, for him to die and for me to watch.

I look at Salo and I see him struggling. His heart is beating fast. Too fast. But it's beating for us, it seems. He doesn't want to leave us, faithful friend he is. 

A beautiful cat with a gentle soul. He never killed another creature, just stared and wondered at the spider that ran away from him or the mosquito that danced above his head. 

Most of his life Salo lived in the shadow of his older brother and when he died, a part of Cupido lived on in Salo...

How do I say goodbye to my little guardian angels? When is the right moment to let go? As Salo is struggling with holding on, I am struggling with letting go...