Letting go...

Today I listed my first doll on Etsy. I am not sure that I want to part from her, but I also need to make a living...


Introducing: Lia Miché

Last weekend we went to visit my mother who lives in the east of the Netherlands. One of the things we always do when I visit is to have a look at what she's been working on lately.

My mother is an allround artisan and artist. She can work with textile, thread, paint and clay, but recently she's been focussing on watercolors.

I took some snapshots with my phone (which could be better quality) because I got really excited about her latest work.

My mother is a very sensitive, very fragile but also very intuitive person and I love to see her character shine through in het art work. I believe it is pure and authentic. And I am truly touched when I look at it.

Some work is more abstract. But it has the same transparent and somewhat insecure quality of the still lifes.

But my favorite work is this portrait of a dancer. She has character, she's communicative and she's just lovely.