Summer flowers - August

Browsing through my photos I realize I have not been walking much in August. I thought I would pick up my good habit once the kids would be back in school, but I've kept myself busy with all kinds of others activities. 
I don't feel entirely guilty as I am taking pilates classes twice a week now. But I should keep walking too. In September I've been biking a lot more across town, delivering cakes for our new business Missbaksels. It's a lot harder to photograph flowers when you're biking!
Meanwhile I've been taking some photos of flowers at the school gardens that I visit with my son's class once a week. Enjoy!


Needle felting for market

Early August we came back from our vacation in France. Having been away for three weeks from my studio, I was very eager to get back to 'work.' 
Together with my friend Marieke from Woolwoofles, I was planning to sign up for a couple of markets to see if anyone would be interested in buying our work. So far I hadn't finished  a whole lot of dolls and wasn't sure I wanted to part with the ones I had, so I decided to start a whole new series of dolls that wouldn't take me too much time to make. Ha! I was wrong. These babies also wanted a lot of attention! But they were fun to make.
The technique I used here is called needle felting.  You basically stab wool with a very sharp barbed needle until the wool clings together. The more you work it the firmer it gets. 
For the dresses I used scraps of fabric that I have collected over the years. Embellishments are made with (vintage) lace, ribbons and buttons.
Unfortunately the market turned out to be a bit of a disappointment as nobody wanted to buy one of my girls. So I took them home and now they're happily sitting on their shelf again, watching over me as I type this blog post.