Listing a crochet baby blanket on Etsy

As much as I love crocheting, I don't like taking photos of my work. There are so many artists out there, on Instagram for example, who take absolutely gorgeous pictures of their work that not just give lots of information about the product but that also convey a whole atmosphere that I would love to live in. I don't feel like I have that talent. 

Don't get me wrong. I have no problem taking a picture of my work lying flat on the ground. But it doesn't convey more that the shape and structure of the product.

And it is hard to see how big this blanket is, as there is nothing to compare it to.

It wasn't easy to find a spot in the house that had good enough light and wasn't cluttered. So I ended up in my daughter's room (amazingly not so cluttered!). Her pink walls are so lovely.

She even had all kinds of props to help display the blanket.

Now my question to you is: are you getting a good impression of the blanket this way?

Or is a photo like the above one good enough? I'd love to find out ;-)