Something else

We found a wooden bench a a thrift store while biking home from a meeting. It was too far to walk, so my husband strapped it to his bike and rode home with it just like that.

I put it on top of the table to give it a good sanding. Lovely day, lovely weather.

One layer down, two more to go. I want to be able to leave it outside.

I draped my crochet baby blanket over the finished bench and was surprised to find out the blue circles match the color of wood. A bright lavender blue. My favorite color. The whole project costed not more than €30. Super happy with the result! 


Etsy update: Four clown busts

Just uploaded another bunch of my babies to Etsy.

I can't tell you where the inspiration came from to make these busts. They just happened.

After I made the first one, I thought he looked like a clown.

So I thought why not try to make another one.

So I did.


Rococo lady, part 2

So I made two Rococo ladies. Actually I had started with the little one back in August.

I wanted to make something quick to sell at a market.

But she didn't turn out nice at all. So I didn't sell her and took her back home where she stayed hidden in a drawer for about 6 months.

I don't remember why exactly, but at one point I pulled her out of her hiding place and decided to give her a make-over. Why not? She couldn't get any more hideous anyway.

The pearl eyes are still in there. I covered them with dark wool.

I thought it would be interesting to show the the process of reworking something that didn't turn out so well into something new. It's like recycling. And it feels good.


Rococo lady, part 1

Those of you who follow me on Instagram, have been able to see the development of my latest piece. A needle felted portrait of ... what exactly?... a snow queen, a drag queen perhaps? My first thought was Rococo when I saw her outlines taking shape, so I guess that's what she'll be. 

Prepping my 'canvas.' At this point I still have no idea what I am making other than a face.

The birth of a face. This is such a magical moment - always - when I see the features of a face emerge from the wool.

Mouth, nose, cheek bones and eye sockets are in place. Now the fun part starts.

See? The colors are just shining through.

First time I am using eye lashes. What a dramatic effect!

The bow is added for maximum Rococo effect (I used one of my daughter's ballet shoe ribbons).


Two angels at my table

A few days before I had to take down my art show at Sugarfactory, I received a message on Facebook from someone I didn't know. Eli West, a fellow fiber artist from America found me on Instagram and wanted to interview me for the new blog he is writing together with his colleague Hannah Crawfurd. Eli and Hannah were coming to Amsterdam on their grand tour of Europe in search of fiber arts and artists. How very exciting!

We met at Sugarfactory where I showed them my work and they asked me a lot of questions that are still resonating inside of me. What an amazing honor to be asked about my work, ideas and process. It gave a whole new dimension to my own idea of myself. Thank you guys!

After the interview we said goodbye and I thought that was that. But it felt weird not knowing anything about them, so I invited them to tea at my house a few days later. This time I got to ask questions, which I won't share here, except that it felt like I had always known them.

The next day my husband Greg was having the premiere of his comedy show How to be Frisian at the Rozentheater and they - thank goodness - came along and laughed really loud - like Americans do - in a room full of Dutchmen who smile really hard, but don't make a whole lot of noise.

Within 7 days we had seen each other 3 times and now they were off to Paris. A part of me wished I could have sneeked off with them. I can't wait to hear more about their adventures in fiber Europe and about the community they are planning to gather through their blog, which you can read here.

Meeting Eli and Hannah was magical and I am so very very thankful.


Etsy update: Four historical busts

After having been home with me for a couple of weeks now, my dolls are ready to leave again!

I just uploaded my four historical busts to my Etsy shop.

I hope they will find a loving new home.

But if not, I don't mind keeping them.

It would be great though if they can stay together.


Four seasons in Vondelpark Amsterdam

Those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook will probably remember seeing these pictures before. You also might remember I am taking them to keep myself occupied while practising my daily walks. 

Today I realized I have been walking almost every workday for a whole year now. 

I thought it would be fun to choose a landscape for every season.

Even though the Vondelpark is not a very big park, every season still offers totally different pictures. And now it's Spring again and nature is waking up. If you want to see it progress, follow me here or here.


Opening party art show SCULPTURES IN WOOL

It's almost April, but I am still reminiscing about the opening of my art show on my 45th birthday early February. What a party! So many lovely people showed up. 
I was overwhelmed by all the love and attention I got. I am glad my husband took some photos so I have a better image to hold on to than the foggy one in my head.

This is the wall in the foyer. I printed four of my photos on black wallpaper.

What a thrill to see the name of my website - finally ready - on the wall.

Getting a big hug from one of my oldest friends.

So happy to finally show my work to everybody I love.

Here are a couple of pics from my guests.

I even gave a speech. Which is kind of against my nature, but I am so glad I did it. I just had to explain. At 40 I finally realized I had always wanted to be an artist. I started to take art classes here and there, and I discovered the art of needle felting. Some of my work might not be that easy to look at, because a lot of my dolls are pretty sad, but they are a part of who I am and I am willing to show that part now.

I concluded by thanking a bunch of lovely people; my husband Greg for his love and support, my children Ila and Imre for their patience, my friend Marieke from Woolwoofles for inspiring me to make needle felted dolls and my father Peter for letting me show my work at his club Sugarfactory.

I've been spoiled with flowers, books and other lovely things. 
Thanks to all who came to my opening party at Sugarfactory!


Art show in February in Sugarfactory, Amsterdam

It's been 5 years since I had an art show, and this time I am doing it all alone. Quite terrifying actually. I underestimated how much time I had to invest in organizing the whole thing. For the past month I have been living from deadline to deadline. Great for getting things done, that's for sure. 
Today I made the invitation. It took me all day and several versions. But I am actually quite pleased with it now. Tomorrow I will send it to the guests that I hope to receive on the 6th of February which also happens to be my 45th birthday.