Taking a break

It's been awhile since I've been here. You could say I took a break, not from crocheting, nor from posting pictures of my work, because I do that regularly on Instagram, but just from blogging. Which is such a shame really, there are so many pictures and little stories I still want to share.

I was just browsing through all the pics I've made since this Summer, and they're just sitting there, hidden in my computer, like stacks of photos waiting to be sorted and glued into an album.

Let's see if I can do something about that from now on. So here are a few pics from our Summer break in France this year. I hope you enjoy the little selection I made for today.

I think this was my first French breakfast in awhile... Not meant to be enjoyed every day, but the almond croissant from the boulangerie in Arpaillargues is impossible to resist. As you can see, I am only having a half one!

My son is helping our one year old Labrador Olive swim in the pool. Cocker spaniel Ruby is watching.
Of course I brought lots of yarn to work with in the shade on those long warm days by the pool.

We also went to Uzès very often, to the market or just to walk around and have a drink with a beautiful vista.

I crocheted a lot, but also found a few treasures at a vintage store near our dwellings.

In the evenings we often drove into town just to eat some perfect gelato.

Our hosts made these simple yet gorgeous flower arrangements from wild flowers growing on their land.

Some vintage finds that I would love to recreate with better quality yarns.

At the end of the day a rosé, a hook and some perfect cotton merino. What more does one need?

Hope you enjoyed this little trip to France. I'll try to be back with more pictures before too long. 
I will share my updates on Facebook, so make sure to follow me there if you don't want to miss an update.



Curating Instagram crochet favorites | Bright colors

The days are not as bright at the moment as they could - or perhaps - should be. There's lots of rain and dark grey skies. Lately I find myself drawn to the accounts of these very colorful and talented ladies. There's something about pink that takes care of gloomy moods and days.

From left to right and top to bottom: De Spruiten van Dora, ByClaire, Crochet Rainbow Tales and Marretje Rose.

All four maker of these beauties happen to be Dutch - like me. Not intended but maybe not so much a coincidence. We share the same weather after all!

Let me me if there are more colorful accounts that I should follow.


Crochet poncho for newborn baby girl

I believe this is the tiniest poncho I have ever crocheted. It was intended for my cousin's baby girl, but by the time she came for a fitting she already had grown out of it.

So today I listed it on Etsy for a small price - really just to cover the yarn - so I hope someone will find it the perfect gift. If not, I'll wait for the next baby girl to be born...

Making poncho's is so much fun. The pattern is very straightforward, so it leaves lots of room to play with colors and little embellishments.

I used yellow, lime and fuchsia 100% mercerized cotton. It has a lovely shine and feels very soft and light. Perfect for a cool Summer's day.


A crochet pattern from New Zealand

It must have been on Instagram that I bumped into an amazing crochet designer from the other side of the world. In New Zealand of all places! Alia from The Little Bee takes incredibly colorful and attractive pictures. Have a look here.

There were pics from people all over the world with their version of her pattern. It's amazing to see what a different selection of colors does for a design.

Also the choice of yarn affects the design. For my version I used BB Merino by Fonty. It's a very fine and soft yarn. I bought it at the factory outlet in the Creuse departement in France. You can read about it here

I am very curious though what the shawl will look like with a cotton or a more chunkier yarn, like byClaire nr. 2 for example.

Anyway, I hope my pictures inspire you to maybe create your own version of Alia's pattern, which you can find (and buy) on Ravelry.

Also, I'd like you to know I am adding this shawl to my Etsy store today. Feel free to take a look there. I do take custom orders too, and I'd love to use this pattern to create something unique for you.


Happy Spring!

I was so excited yesterday about it being the last day of Winter, I made my first doily ever!

I used a very fine cotton yarn (DMC Petra) and needle (Clover Amour 2,5).

Years ago I bought a magazine with old-fashioned doilies in France. You know the white lacey ones that you find in your great-grandmother's attic ;-)

I loved adding some color to the intricate designs. This one is rather conservative I think, but very Spring-like. The DMC Petra yarn has such a beautiful shine. I think I might invest in a couple of different colors and make some more. What do you think?

Happy Spring everyone. May we all blossom :-)


SOLD | A crocheted poncho for a 10 year old girl

This week I finally finished the poncho that was commissioned mid December... It was sort of finished, but I had made a mistake in the border and couldn't live with it.

So I frogged it and started all over. I have to admit that it is totally worth it to kill your darlings. Things work out much better now.

The collar is also a second version.

Even though it's almost Spring now, I did sell the poncho today and I hope I made it big enough for the sweet little lady, so she can wear it again in the fall.

The yarn is Drops Lima (65% wool 35% alpaca) by Garnstudio Drops Design.
The pattern is all mine. If you're interested in a similar poncho, don't hesitate to get in touch. I love making poncho's.

Have a lovely weekend!


A generous friend

One of my dearest friends surprised me today with a belated birthday gift. It was beautifully wrapped in a costum made bag and box.

Handmade buntings made from recycled materials. Who wouldn't love these?

So many shades and textures.

I will hang these up in my house for every celebration from now on. No more paper or plastic for us. 

I could look at these all day. Sigh...


Crochet baby bonnet project

It's been awhile ago that my dear friend Joyce asked me if I could crochet baby bonnets. She is a Doula - a woman who gives support, help, and advice to another woman during pregnancy and during and after the birth - and was looking for a little present to give to the new born baby and parents.

Immediately I imagined a very simple bonnet in my favorite yarn: Cotton Merino by Drops Design. A very soft yarn, easy to work with and washable at 40 degrees Celsius. It comes in such lovely colors. 

Finding a pattern was more challenging. I browsed through my big stash of books and magazines. I spend hours on Ravelry and Etsy, but I couldn't find a pattern that matched the image in my head. So I developed my own, by trial and error. Some were too big, some too small... 

And then I forgot about it and worked on many other projects which you can see here. Cleaning up my studio recently I bumped into it again and decided to finally finish this work in progress. I used my neighbor's baby as a model to make sure the fit was right. It was perfect! I didn't even have to tweak it. And perfect timing too as this week we welcomed our nephew Isidore Eli into the world.

Right now I am very busy creating and photographing more bonnets and soon I will upload them to my Etsy shop. If you are interested in purchasing a bonnet, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. I am very open to commissions and can make the bonnets in any color you like. 



Curating Instagram crochet favorites | Pastels

I love Instagram. I go there several times a day to see what my favorite crochet ladies have been making. Today I want to show you four pictures with a calm and peaceful look and feel. I love the quiet white background, the repetition of objects or the addition of flowers. The work that went into the crochet is matched by the care that went into composing the photo. There is so much attention to detail for me to enjoy. It's very inspiring.

From left to right and above to below: Magda de Lange from @rawrustic, Fleur Lyon from @thepeacefulposy, Maaike van Koert from @crejjtion and Sandra Juto from @wristworms.

Another thing that's so wonderful from Instagram is that we're from all over the world. The pictures above were made in Qatar, Australia, The Netherlands and Germany. Yet we all manage to like the same things in life.

Who are you admiring and want to share? I am always looking for new inspiration.


Things I crochet for people I love

These are a few of the many creations I've made over time for my loved ones. I always hope they like their gift just as much as when I was making it.

There's something special about making something for someone you know and love. Every stitch is a thought for that person and without any doubt it's a loving thought. While I crochet I think about what they look like, what they're doing now, and when I'll see them again. Out of these four pictures, three of them were taken on another continent. Working on these gifts made me feel closer to them.

Crochet - like knitting - is very meditative. In these cases it was a meditation on love. No wonder I enjoyed it so much.

What do you do to stay connected with loved ones that are far away?


An overview of my crochet projects in 2015

Last year I re-discovered the amazing Instagram. It's been my go to happy place and source of inspiration. An unexpected bonus is the friendship and encouragement I have found there among fellow crocheters. Thank you ladies!

Like so many others I was kind of curious what my 2015 best nine on Instagram would be, so I entered my name on www.2015bestnine.com and this is what came out. I enjoyed each and every project.

Giving in to this lifelong passion - I've been crocheting from age 6, suppressing the urge since adolescence, until crochet finally became hip again - has made me realize that working with my hands and creating beautiful things is part of who I am and is making me a more relaxed and happy person.

My goal for 2016 is to convert my hobby into my work and to create a series of crocheted items that carry my signature and that I can sell - if only to finance my yarn addiction!

Some of you may know that I am also a needlefelter and photographer. I keep another blog on my website www.inezdegoede.com. Come and have a look, and let me know about your projects.