Curating Instagram crochet favorites | Pastels

I love Instagram. I go there several times a day to see what my favorite crochet ladies have been making. Today I want to show you four pictures with a calm and peaceful look and feel. I love the quiet white background, the repetition of objects or the addition of flowers. The work that went into the crochet is matched by the care that went into composing the photo. There is so much attention to detail for me to enjoy. It's very inspiring.

From left to right and above to below: Magda de Lange from @rawrustic, Fleur Lyon from @thepeacefulposy, Maaike van Koert from @crejjtion and Sandra Juto from @wristworms.

Another thing that's so wonderful from Instagram is that we're from all over the world. The pictures above were made in Qatar, Australia, The Netherlands and Germany. Yet we all manage to like the same things in life.

Who are you admiring and want to share? I am always looking for new inspiration.


  1. I love IG too! Spend far too much time there!

    1. Yeah, have to be careful to not go there all the time ;-)