A crochet pattern from New Zealand

It must have been on Instagram that I bumped into an amazing crochet designer from the other side of the world. In New Zealand of all places! Alia from The Little Bee takes incredibly colorful and attractive pictures. Have a look here.

There were pics from people all over the world with their version of her pattern. It's amazing to see what a different selection of colors does for a design.

Also the choice of yarn affects the design. For my version I used BB Merino by Fonty. It's a very fine and soft yarn. I bought it at the factory outlet in the Creuse departement in France. You can read about it here

I am very curious though what the shawl will look like with a cotton or a more chunkier yarn, like byClaire nr. 2 for example.

Anyway, I hope my pictures inspire you to maybe create your own version of Alia's pattern, which you can find (and buy) on Ravelry.

Also, I'd like you to know I am adding this shawl to my Etsy store today. Feel free to take a look there. I do take custom orders too, and I'd love to use this pattern to create something unique for you.


  1. Delicious shawl in an amazing color combination. I love it! <3 Kind regards!