SOLD | A crocheted poncho for a 10 year old girl

This week I finally finished the poncho that was commissioned mid December... It was sort of finished, but I had made a mistake in the border and couldn't live with it.

So I frogged it and started all over. I have to admit that it is totally worth it to kill your darlings. Things work out much better now.

The collar is also a second version.

Even though it's almost Spring now, I did sell the poncho today and I hope I made it big enough for the sweet little lady, so she can wear it again in the fall.

The yarn is Drops Lima (65% wool 35% alpaca) by Garnstudio Drops Design.
The pattern is all mine. If you're interested in a similar poncho, don't hesitate to get in touch. I love making poncho's.

Have a lovely weekend!