Taking a break

It's been awhile since I've been here. You could say I took a break, not from crocheting, nor from posting pictures of my work, because I do that regularly on Instagram, but just from blogging. Which is such a shame really, there are so many pictures and little stories I still want to share.

I was just browsing through all the pics I've made since this Summer, and they're just sitting there, hidden in my computer, like stacks of photos waiting to be sorted and glued into an album.

Let's see if I can do something about that from now on. So here are a few pics from our Summer break in France this year. I hope you enjoy the little selection I made for today.

I think this was my first French breakfast in awhile... Not meant to be enjoyed every day, but the almond croissant from the boulangerie in Arpaillargues is impossible to resist. As you can see, I am only having a half one!

My son is helping our one year old Labrador Olive swim in the pool. Cocker spaniel Ruby is watching.
Of course I brought lots of yarn to work with in the shade on those long warm days by the pool.

We also went to Uzès very often, to the market or just to walk around and have a drink with a beautiful vista.

I crocheted a lot, but also found a few treasures at a vintage store near our dwellings.

In the evenings we often drove into town just to eat some perfect gelato.

Our hosts made these simple yet gorgeous flower arrangements from wild flowers growing on their land.

Some vintage finds that I would love to recreate with better quality yarns.

At the end of the day a rosé, a hook and some perfect cotton merino. What more does one need?

Hope you enjoyed this little trip to France. I'll try to be back with more pictures before too long. 
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