Week update: Crochet party with the Terrific Testers

The highlight of last week was a get together in my hometown Amsterdam with Marianne Dekker-Roos's tester team, aka the Terrific Testers. That's the name Marianne gave us when we were testing patterns for her new book Colorful Crochet/Eindeloos Haken. And it's an honor!

We met at Petit Gateaux on the Haarlemmerstraat and started the day with lots of tea and two little cakes each. Absolutely delicious! It's a lovely place to sample a few of the delicate flavors right above the bakery. Very inspiring.

After tea and cakes, we walked to the end of the street where you can find one of the better yarn shops of Amsterdam, Weldraad. They have a nice selection of Fonty and BC Garn, to name just a few of my favorite yarns. There are a lot of knitted examples hanging on the walls. As a crocheter, I wouldn't mind to see more crocheted items. But it seems there are more knitters in the world than hookers!

Here, we're getting more info about learning how to knit. The owner of the store is telling us about a knitting week on the island of Texel, which sounds divine, or even a custom made workshop she can organise just for us. It all sounds quite lovely (not sure if we can all be persuaded to trade our hook for a pair of needles!).

More variations of color and texture. I wish I could bring it all home.

Then we went to Stephen & Penelope in de Nieuwe Hoogstraat on the other side of the city center. Another yarn heaven. I always call it the yarn jewelry store. I am in love with Madeline Tosh yarn, but I didn't buy anything because I still have some lying around. There is a great sale of Cascade Yarn going on, but I didn't have a specific pattern in mind, so I also passed on that one. 

I also discovered Undercover Otter, an Amsterdam based indie dyer. Next time I find a pattern I will definitely buy a skein or two.


From left to right: me, Lotte from Lotte Haakt, Marianne from Marrose Colorful Craft & Crochet, Ingrid from Studio 92 Designs en Heleen from Vol van Wol

After yarn shopping we were so hungry and tired, we went for a nice lunch at Dauphine. Of course our date wasn't complete without some crocheting. We had a great time sharing stories. It was almost 7 pm before we went home.

I am already looking forward to the next time we see each other!


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