Curating Instagram Crochet Favorites | Bright flowers

This week I collected flowers on Instagram. Bright ones, in abundance. As much as I love seeing every single image pop up in my feed, I especially love assembling them in a little collage. They enhance each other and give a real boost to my inspiration.

When I picked up crochet after almost 30 years (gosh that makes me seem old!) I started with flowers. I made lots of hair clips and brooches that I gave away. I even taught how-to-crochet-flowers at my son's school for awhile. I almost forgot. That was actually quite fun to do. Maybe I should dust off that skill...

Anyway, all credits for these four pictures go to (from left to right and top to bottom):
Annemarie from @annemariescrochetblog
Kaisha from @whimsyhen
Mandy from @crochetbyredagape
Marianne from @marretjeroos

Hope you enjoyed my little collection this week!
Happy weekend!