Weekly update: Crocheting on holiday, custom order and Etsy shop

 Last summer we spent a week in Spain. We rented this gypsy wagon on top of a hill overlooking the Mediterranean. It was warm and we were lazy, and I spent the bigger part of the day crocheting either at our dwelling or near the pool.

 Through Etsy I had received a request to make a poncho with pink pompoms for a 9-year old girl. So I brought all my Stylecraft yarn - needed an extra suitcase for it! - and started crocheting in the car on our way down south. I crocheted in Paris, in Uzès and finally in Spain. I crocheted in the car, on the couch, by pool and river and on the beach.

And before I knew it, I had two (!) poncho's. I had made a mistake in the first one - too small for a 9-year old - and by the time I found out I was too far and decided to make a second one.

So here they are, two - almost - identical crochet poncho's with pompoms. The big one is sold, but the small one can still be found in my Etsy shop. I hope it'll soon find its way to a 5/7 year old.

Next week I'll blog about what I made on the way back home.



Instagram favorites | Blue Yarn

Welcome back to my weekly Instagram favorites!
Today I wanted to share some blue yarns. My favorite color in any variation: ice blue, baby blue, grey blue, royal blue... I could go on forever. I've been loving this color since I was a child. I still feel best when I am completely dressed in blue. Somehow it makes me feel safe, it helps me feel 'me.'

I want to give credit to the makers of these pictures for capturing the eerie blue that I find so soothing.
From left to right and top to bottom:
Asma Binhaider from @uaepanda
Brooklyn Tweed from @brooklyntweed
Heleen from @heleen_nl
Anique from @kleinmaarfijn_anique

Have a lovely weekend!



FREE PATTERN | Bunzlau Castle inspired coaster

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have picked up that I am a big fan of Bunzlau Castle potteries. They make the most amazing collection of teapots, cups, mugs, plates and what not. I've been collecting cups and such for many years now. They're not cheap so I usually treat myself to one or two pieces per year, often when we are on holiday in Twente and have tea at Theehuis Dennenoord. I love how my collection is growing and how each item comes with a special memory.

Every day I am having a coffee at my wooden desk and I noticed a need for a coaster as the surface is looking a little shabby at the moment, so I came up with the crochet coaster below that is inspired by one of my favorite Bunzlau designs. I made a step by step tutorial if you want to give it a try too. Let me know what yours looks like by using the tag #bunzlaucoasterbygoedid.


You need:
byClaire cotton 002 Ivory
byClaire cotton 024 Navy
crochet needle 3 mm
darning needle

With Ivory make a magic ring and chain 3.

Crochet 20 trebles in magic ring.

Close with slip stitch in 3rd chain and pull magic ring tight.
Weave in loose ends.

With Navy attach standing double crochet (dc) to any stitch.

Dc in next stitch, chain 3, in the next 2 stitches dc 2 together, chain 3, repeat.

Join with slip stitch in first dc. Weave in ends.

With Ivory attach in any 3-chain space with standing dc and make a 3-dc cluster, chain 3, 3-dc cluster in same space.

In next space 3-dc cluster, chain 3, 3-dc cluster in same space. Repeat. Close round with slip stitch in first 3-dc cluster. Weave in ends.

With Navy attach standing single crochet to 'space' between clusters (not in the actual 3-chain space).

In 3-chain space, make 7 dc. Single crochet in between shells. Weave in ends.

With Ivory attach standing single crochet in any stitch. 

Make one single crochet in each stitch. Join with slip stitch in first single crochet.
Weave in remaining ends et voilà, your Bunzlau inspired coaster is ready for use!

Enjoy your coaster and your coffee (or tea)!