Weekly update: Crocheting on holiday, custom order and Etsy shop

 Last summer we spent a week in Spain. We rented this gypsy wagon on top of a hill overlooking the Mediterranean. It was warm and we were lazy, and I spent the bigger part of the day crocheting either at our dwelling or near the pool.

 Through Etsy I had received a request to make a poncho with pink pompoms for a 9-year old girl. So I brought all my Stylecraft yarn - needed an extra suitcase for it! - and started crocheting in the car on our way down south. I crocheted in Paris, in Uz├Ęs and finally in Spain. I crocheted in the car, on the couch, by pool and river and on the beach.

And before I knew it, I had two (!) poncho's. I had made a mistake in the first one - too small for a 9-year old - and by the time I found out I was too far and decided to make a second one.

So here they are, two - almost - identical crochet poncho's with pompoms. The big one is sold, but the small one can still be found in my Etsy shop. I hope it'll soon find its way to a 5/7 year old.

Next week I'll blog about what I made on the way back home.


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