Weekly update: Apple picking

Yesterday we went apple picking at the Olmenhorst. Two teenagers, one naughty dog, an irritated husband and a tired me. A recipe for disaster, right? It's true the drive there didn't go very well. We got stuck in traffic (on a Sunday!) and made a huge detour. Once there it was very crowded, and muddy, we forgot our rain boots, husband got frustrated with his phone trying to get some work done (on a Sunday!), the dog ran away and one of the teenagers felt dizzy. 

But then we started walking and looking for apples on the trees. We did bring three baskets to collect apples this year. That's right we do this every year. Last year we arrived too late and husband and son grabbed what they could find... from the ground. We ended up with 5 kilos of bruised and half eaten apples.

So this time we were only allowed to 'pick' apples from the tree and we agreed we would only choose the prettiest ones. Like this one. It's either a Santana or an Elstar, can't really tell them a part. We were tasting them right there in the orchard. Both equally delicious. 

Since our oldest one was a little girl we've been picking apples here every year. A year without picking is not a good one, say my now teenagers, they are just as eager to keep up the tradition as I am, which pleases me a lot. I used to take pictures of the kids, but now my girl was taking a picture of me. How about that?

We went home each with a basket full of apples. We came home happy and refreshed and I even had energy to make this little swatch with Phildar Partner 3,5 for the cardigan that I found in Draad en Praat's new magazine Handmade Living. It's the first time I am working with this yarn and I absolutely love it. It's so soft and easy to work with, and the color is just lovely. Can't wait to start working on the cardigan.
Last week I promised you I would write about what I made on the way back from summer holiday, but I didn't, so no new promises this week. No idea about what I am going to write about next time. You'll just have to wait and see ;-)xInez