FREE PATTERN | A 'plastic' bag (in English and Dutch)

A couple of weeks ago I was playing around with the idea of crocheting a simple bag - like a plastic bag - from wool. I had some very rough and very orange wool in my stash and I needed a destination for it. It took me several attempts to get the base right - circle or oval - and then another few weeks to write down the pattern and take photos. But here it is, in English and if you scroll down a bit, in Dutch too.

Plastic bag, made with wool

Yarn: any worsted weight (wool, linen or jute)
Needle: 4,5 mm

chain (ch)
single crochet (sc)
single crochet back loop (scb)
slip stitch (ss)

Ch 40
Row 1 : 5 sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 37 ch, 5 sc in last ch. Continue on the other side: sc in next 37 st, close with a ss in first sc.  
Row 2: ch 1, *2 scb in st* repeat **4 times, scb in nest 37 st, *2 scb in next st*  repeat ** 4 times, scb in next 37 st, close with ss in first sc.
Row 3: ch 1, *2 scb in 1st st, scb in next st* repeat ** 4 times, scb in next 37 st, repeat ** 5 times, scb in next 37 st, do not ss in first sc.
Row 4 - 52: do not ch, but scb in 1st st from row 3, continue working scb in spiral in each st until bag measures about 33 cm high.
row 53: choose the middle of the front of the bag (I used a stitch marker to mark the center) , skip 8 st before the middle and ch 17, skip 8 st after the middle, continue scb and repeat the same thing on the other side. Note: the st before and after chaining should be a sc (so in both loops!).
Row 54-57: keep scb in each st for another 4 rows.
Row 58: ss in each st, fasten off and attach a label. My labels were made by the lovely Joyce from @mez11.

Plastic tas, maar dan van wol
Garen: dikke draad, geschikt voor 4,5 tot 6 mm (wol, linnen of jute)
Naald: 4,5 mm
Gebruikte steken:
losse (l)
vaste (v)
vaste achterste lus (va)
halve vaste (hv)

Haak een ketting van 40 lossen.
Rij 1: haak 5 v in de 2e l van de naald, v in de volgende 37 st, 5 v in de laatste l. Ga verder aan de andere kant: v in de volgende 37 st, sluit met een hv in de eerste v.
Rij 2: haak 1 l, *2 va in st* herhaal ** 4 keer, va in volgende 37 st, herhaal ** 5 keer, va in volgende 37 st, sluit met een hv in eerste v.
Rij 3: haak 1 l, *2 va in st, v in volgende st* herhaal ** 4 keer, va in volgende 3 st, herhaal ** 5 keer, va in volgende 37 st, sluit niet met een hv.
Rij 4 – 52: haak geen l, maar haak een va in de eerste st van rij 3, ga verder spiraalsgewijs en haak 1 va in iedere st tot de tas ongeveer 33 cm hoog is.
Rij 53: markeer het midden van de tas met een naald of ‘stitch marker’ aan beide kanten. Sla 8 steken over voor het midden, haak 17 lossen en sla 8 steken over na de middelste st, ga verder met het haken van va en herhaal hetzelfde aan de andere kant. Let op: de steek voor en na de lossen moet een vaste door beide lussen zijn voor extra stevigheid.
Rij 54 – 57: haak nog vier rijen met va.
Rij 58: haal een hv in iedere steek, hecht af en naai een mooi label op je tas. Ik heb mijn labels laten maken door de altijd vrolijke Joyce van MEZ11

Please let me know if you find any mistakes, so I can adapt the pattern. I'd love to see your version of the 'plastic' bag. If you'd like to share on social media you can use the hashtag #goedidhandwerk.
For a pdf version of this pattern, with step by step pics, please go to my Etsy shop.
Happy crocheting!



My first real crochet pattern

Just before summer holiday I worked on my very first real crochet pattern. Pretty much out of nowhere I decided the world needed a very easy design for a baby kimono. My own kids are almost grown up now and there are no babies around in my life at the moment, but I still like to make baby clothes.

Design-wise I love simplicity and I also love practical clothes. I wanted to recreate the kimono from the 70s that my mother used to dress me in. It's so easy to put this on, no pulling sweaters over baby's head!

Any color combination is possible, with pretty much any kind of yarn. I have used a cotton-merino blend which is soft and comfortable, but also washable and not too fragile.

The pattern is only suitable for newborns at the moment. I haven't had a chance yet to convert it into other sizes. That's a whole other chapter of designing!

I always thought designing was not my thing, and it did take me at least 8 kimono's before I was satisfied, but I think I am hooked now! Literally (hahaha)! Next up is writing up a newborn baby bonnet in the same style. If you are interested, you can follow me on Instagram or Facebook where I make announcements about new releases and coupon codes.

The crochet baby kimono is available for purchase via Etsy. After payment you will be able to download a 6-page pdf with photos, notes and a detailed description.

I would love to see your version of the baby kimono, please don't forget to mention #goedidhandwerk or @goed.id.handwerk when you share a pic on social media.



Little things in life, inspiration and self-compassion

Self portret made in Paris (18e arrondissement) last Summer
I just read the latest blogpost by Lucy from Attic 24 (about blogging and the little things in life - very inspirational - do check out her blog if you haven't done that already) and realise how silly it is to put off blogging until I have some noteworthy to say. It really sets the bar too high for writing anything at all and it doesn't serve my procrastinating nature.

I notice I haven't been here since december last year, which is a shame, because I really love writing. But I also understand where I've been coming from. It's about finding my voice. I started this blog as a journal for my adventure at art school in 2009, and after that it became a crochet blog, which it still is.
I feel like I should only blog about crochet, a bit limiting even though I still love crochet and do lots of it. But I also have a blog on my website, which is more of a calling card for everything else I do, including my work as an artist manager. Most of the time I am so confused what to post where, that I don't post at all. And it is too much work to have a proper brainstorm about it apparently...
Then there's this technical issue of connecting to my most recently uploaded pictures, because these are what I want to blog about. So blogging always takes longer than I have planned for, so then I don't do it at all.

Recently I have been reading about Self-compassion (book by Kristin Neff) and realise how my fear of failing is holding me back. What I do or write doesn't have to be perfect. I can be more compassionate towards myself and if I fail or don't get it quite right, it's because I am only human. We're all humans, and we all get it wrong sometimes. What I write might not be right for my audience or might not be very important or interesting but that shouldn't get in the way of writing. Because writing - I know from experience - is making me a happier person - even when it's not perfect.

So expect more posts like this - sometimes about crochet and sometimes about silly things like this one.

Hope to inspire you!