Little things in life, inspiration and self-compassion

Self portret made in Paris (18e arrondissement) last Summer
I just read the latest blogpost by Lucy from Attic 24 (about blogging and the little things in life - very inspirational - do check out her blog if you haven't done that already) and realise how silly it is to put off blogging until I have some noteworthy to say. It really sets the bar too high for writing anything at all and it doesn't serve my procrastinating nature.

I notice I haven't been here since december last year, which is a shame, because I really love writing. But I also understand where I've been coming from. It's about finding my voice. I started this blog as a journal for my adventure at art school in 2009, and after that it became a crochet blog, which it still is.
I feel like I should only blog about crochet, a bit limiting even though I still love crochet and do lots of it. But I also have a blog on my website, which is more of a calling card for everything else I do, including my work as an artist manager. Most of the time I am so confused what to post where, that I don't post at all. And it is too much work to have a proper brainstorm about it apparently...
Then there's this technical issue of connecting to my most recently uploaded pictures, because these are what I want to blog about. So blogging always takes longer than I have planned for, so then I don't do it at all.

Recently I have been reading about Self-compassion (book by Kristin Neff) and realise how my fear of failing is holding me back. What I do or write doesn't have to be perfect. I can be more compassionate towards myself and if I fail or don't get it quite right, it's because I am only human. We're all humans, and we all get it wrong sometimes. What I write might not be right for my audience or might not be very important or interesting but that shouldn't get in the way of writing. Because writing - I know from experience - is making me a happier person - even when it's not perfect.

So expect more posts like this - sometimes about crochet and sometimes about silly things like this one.

Hope to inspire you!